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Regarding our Field Web Cam. You may have of noticed that camera and weather station have been off line since Monday evening.
This is because the camera has been stolen and other IT equipment damaged.
The weather station is back on line however, the camera is no more.
Note that the image on our web page is the last one captured before the system went off line. Note the date at the bottom of the image.
I will remove this image next week because it is causing confusion.
Robert Lockyer – for the MFHB Committee.



Couple of exciting things to share. Firstly, Awatoto is now open from the hours of 9am to 4pm for the rest of the month, then it’s open with no restriction.
It’s been a great few weeks at Roy’s Hill but I missed the sound of a 2 stroke screaming its head off.

Secondly, a non-member named Vaughan has organised an indoor flying night this Friday in the hall of the Hastings Christian School in Copeland Rd.
It’s from 7pm to 9pm with a cost of $20 per pilot to cover cost of hall hire.
Should be a fun night and he’s opened it up to anyone who wants to fly indoor.
If enough people turn up then it could be a monthly thing.
Let’s support it.

Reminder…. the Club AGM is planned for 7pm Wednesday the 5th of June at the National Service Club Hastings.
This is when the Management Committee will resign and a new committee will be elected.
If you think you can help your club and want to be on the committee, all positions are open and are available for election.
Nomination forms are on the MFHB website (downloads) and need to be in the Secretary’s hands at least 14 days before the AGM.
If you are interested, my phone number is 021427380……. that number again in case you missed it is 021427380.

Marty President MFHB


Put it in your Diary, Calendar or phone……

Marty – President – MFHB


Greetings Members,
The good news is our Club Shed is now ready for occupation! We are awaiting the power and water connections, Rob is busy rewiring at present, so that shouldn’t be too far off. We do however have a generator thanks to the generosity of “Rowdy”, so come along and join in the fun.


Please Note: Due to the theft of the Web Camera, from the Awatoto pump house, the webcam image of the field is no longer available – but the weather station is still working using the link below.

Awatoto Field Web Cam and Weather Station.


Welcome to the MFHB Website

Model Flying Hawke’s Bay (MFHB) has had numerous flying sites over the years thanks to the help of the local farming community and other interested groups and Aeromodelling enthusiasts in The Hawke’s Bay were encouraged over 70 years ago to form a group to promote the many types of aeromodelling activities available.The first club in the district was The Hastings Model Aeroplane Club followed by a similar group in Napier. Subsequently The Hawke’s Bay Radio Flyers Inc. Was established from members of both groups to form a solid base for the future of the sport in the Hawke’s Bay and District.

In 1992 the club was introduced to its present flying site by The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, this is a splendid facility at Awatoto, off Waitangi Road, beside the Fertilizer Works just 6 kms South of Napier City. Recently the club has included drone activity at Awatoto, providing a safe and controlled environment for the flyers to test their skills out.

The club also have a gliding field near Black Bridge, Haumoana.

MFHB publish a monthly NEWSLETTER which will be on this Website, covering the recent activity within the club, together with news, model building reports, items to buy or sell, and articles from the wider aeromodelling community. The current copy can be accessed from the main at the top of this page, or by clicking here.

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