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Calling on any members with any fencing ability or experience to a working bee at Awatoto this coming Saturday the 7th October at 9am at the field. We need your help!
Sadly I can’t be there due to work commitments, but Lance has just today finished clearing the fence line ready for the new fences.
If you think you can help or can direct or lean on a shovel or can offer moral support or just want to go down and hang out with your mates, then your club would love to see you. 9am Sat, Rain, hail or shine. ( The forecast is good by the way !)

Marty, President MFHB.



National Services Club, HASTINGS.
• Doors open 7:00pm
• Club meeting 7:30pm
• 3D Printing Demonstration and address. 7:45.
Graham Dawson will be giving a presentation on his 3D printing experiences, Graham is an accomplished model builder and pilot and has a number of 3D printed aircraft flying very successfully. E.g. the Sabre (Image below.)
This will be an informative and interesting evening and should not be missed in this age of bytes and digits and 3-D Printer thingummies.
• Supper to follow.


Awatoto Field Web Cam and Weather Station.


Welcome to the MFHB Website

Model Flying Hawke’s Bay (MFHB) has had numerous flying sites over the years thanks to the help of the local farming community and other interested groups and Aeromodelling enthusiasts in The Hawke’s Bay were encouraged over 70 years ago to form a group to promote the many types of aeromodelling activities available.The first club in the district was The Hastings Model Aeroplane Club followed by a similar group in Napier. Subsequently The Hawke’s Bay Radio Flyers Inc. Was established from members of both groups to form a solid base for the future of the sport in the Hawke’s Bay and District.

In 1992 the club was introduced to its present flying site by The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, this is a splendid facility at Awatoto, off Waitangi Road, beside the Fertilizer Works just 6 kms South of Napier City. Recently the club has included drone activity at Awatoto, providing a safe and controlled environment for the flyers to test their skills out.

The club also have a gliding field near Black Bridge, Haumoana.

MFHB publish a monthly NEWSLETTER which will be on this Website, covering the recent activity within the club, together with news, model building reports, items to buy or sell, and articles from the wider aeromodelling community. The current copy can be accessed from the main at the top of this page, or by clicking here.

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