Vintage Flying

Vintage modelling at MFHB Awatoto Field is undergoing a resurgence. There has long been an interest in this discipline and there is now a significant group of members building vintage models and flying competitively both locally, nationally and in the NDC competitions. Vintage modelling falls into two categories, “Vintage” from plans published before December 1950 and “Classic” between January 1951 and December 1975. There are numerous classes catering for different sized aircraft (wing area) and propulsion (I.C. or Electric) and the tasks are mainly duration from specified engine runs and spot landing points. There are formulae for calculating motor size, fuel volumes, battery size and capacity and engine run times which endeavour to level the playing field amongst the various classes

We hold regular Vintage flying mornings every Thursday at Awatoto Field, weather and conditions being okay and usually hold impromptu competitions if suitable models available. Otherwise we just enjoy the relaxed flying of these “old time” models and some friendly companionship.

There has been an increased interest from members in getting back to “Grass roots stick and tissue building”, with the more experienced members helping those new to the art or with lesser skills. Here the “club shed” has proved invaluable as a meeting and building venue, especially when the weather has been inclement.

To this end six members are currently engaged in building a Classic era model the “Night Train MkVII”, originally a UK free flight champion model from 1967. The one currently flying is proving an excellent performer in both Classic Precision and Classic E Duration disciplines. Two are being built with assistance in the Shed, and the other four we have partially kitted and are being built at home.

All inquiries are welcomed from members or non-members alike. Anyone interested just make contact at Awatoto Field or at the club shed on a Tuesday morning or when you see cars outside. Phone contact can be made to Brett on 06 876 4605, or Barrie on 06 835 3896.

A link to the full Vintage Rules document can be downloaded from: HERE