About Us

Aeromodelling enthusiasts in The Hawke’s Bay were encouraged over 50 years ago to form a group to promote the many types of aeromodelling activities available.

The first club in the district was The Hastings Model Aeroplane Club followed by a similar group in Napier. Subsequently The Hawkes Bay Radio Flyers Inc. was established from members of both groups to form a solid base for the future of the sport in the Hawke’s Bay and districts. The Hawkes Bay Radio Flyers Inc. have had numerous flying sites over the years thanks to the help of the local farming community and other interested groups.

During 1994 the club was introduced to its present flying site by The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, this is a splendid site at Awatoto, off Waitangi Road, just south of Napier city. We also have a glider flying site at Aorangi Rd. Slope soaring is flown from Ocean Beach and south of Hastings on the Te Hauke straits (Burma Rd). More recently, the club has had its name updated to Model Flying Hawkes Bay.

Aims of Model Flying Hawkes Bay Inc.

  • To provide a friendly environment for those interested in aeromodelling.
  • To promote fair competition for the various classes of models, both in club and for the wider area.
  • To hold evening club meetings for discussion and demonstration pertaining to all aspects of aeromodelling.
  • To help newcomers to the sport and learn to fly safely.
  • To keep members informed by electronic communication or newsletter.


Currently Model Flying Hawkes Bay has about 94 members. All ages are represented from juniors through to senior groups.

Members must be affiliated to Model Flying New Zealand (New Zealand Model Aeronautical Assn) which governs model aviation in New Zealand. MFNZ provides third party insurance for all flying members anywhere in New Zealand. They provide a national magazine called The Fliers World.

The MFHB Management Committee

At the Annual General Meeting, held in March annually, the members elect a working committee to see that the business of the club is run in an efficient manner. The club President oversees all meetings, chairs the AGM and all special meetings called. Other members assist the president in running the club financially and activity wise, committee meetings are held monthly.

Fund Raising

The committee, from time to time, appoint co-ordinators to oversee the running of fund raising activities, such as our annual “Warbirds Over Awatoto” rally in February each year.


Members supply their own aircraft, radio equipment and ancillary items.

The club has frequency control boards, equipment to run the various competitions.

We have a tractor plus a mower to keep the Awatoto field in good flying condition. A field maintenance team is appointed from membership.

In summary, we welcome all visitors and prospective members to our Awatoto site on a Sunday morning from 10am onwards weather permitting.