Awatoto Flying Field  

Model Flying Hawkes Bay's main flying site is located off Waitangi road at Awatoto. Club members are issued a key for the gate at the stop bank, however visitors are welcome to park by the gate and walk in.

Click Here for a Google Maps satellite view of the field.

We have approximately 10 acres  of fenced grass which the club maintains with a Tractor pulled mower. This provides an excellent grass surface for models both large and small without having to contend with sheep droppings or cow pats! The land we occupy is controlled by the Hawkes Bay Regional Council and as such they have a few requirements for us to comply with. The most obvious requirement to members is to keep the entrance gate locked at all times. In addition we have restricted access during the Duckshooting season, dates & details are always posted on our website close to the time.

Our main Pits area is covered with shade cloth that helps escape the heat on summer days as there is little to no natural shade. A newly constructed shelter has just been completed that will serve as a focal area and provide respite from passing showers plus a sheltered location to work on your models.

Our field is subject to the odd flood during the year and our shingle carpark provides us with a durable surface to get back and flying quickly.


Roys Hill Reserve

Our club has recently arranged with the Hastings District Council the ability to fly electric radio control models at the newly created Roys Hill Reserve.

This has been about 5 years in the making!

The site is the old Hastings Dump on Highway 50 that has been closed for many years. A soil "cap" has been put over the site which elevates it to about 10m above the surrounding vineyards.

The council & the Landmarks Association have undertaken a beautification program and planted shrubs around the perimiter and grassed the top. There is now carparking and picnic tables near the road entrance.

Access to the upper grassed area is by foot only however we can arrange vehicle access for pre-booked events. Remember although we have secured the right to be able to fly there we have no greater rights than any other member of the public, so if someone is having a picnic in the middle of our flying area they are quite entitled to, we must share the space.

Aorangi Road

The site of the airstrip is on a private farm situated 6.0 Km up Aorangi Road in the Hastings hinterland. There will be signs in strategic locations on the road to assist with direction to site.

For a directions Map - Click  HERE

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