Current happenings on the field

Sunday 9th December

Lance Hickey’s new Mustang, (above) didn’t fly today, engine problems, Evolution 60 powered,  fuel issue?  Marty Hughes had his new aerobatic ship DLE 35RAS powered, test flown by John Sutherland, went well. (centre). Range of models in the pits (right.)                  (Pics via Barrie Russell)

(Note: Click on any image above to enlarge it.)

Sunday 16th December

A BBQ was arranged for the day and the weather gods also pitched in and gave a us a very nice sunny and relatively calm day. Lots going on with a few Radians being flown, one new model, a few aerobatics models and electrics as well. Chris Tutton had his new D.H. Beaver test flown by John Sutherland and it went very well too. No trim changes...nothing commented John. John Clarke had his Mustang flown to get the cobwebs off it and was pleased with the result. “Had a lot of flights this model” John was heard to say!  Around midday, chef Barrie Russell and his two grandsons laid on a nice BBQ, which everyone enjoyed and then a few started drifting away from then on. A good day!              (Pics via Clive Baker)

Sunday 30th December

A stunning morning, clear, calm and warm! A few on the field, but, I guess because of Christmas/New year etc. a few of the regulars were not present. Good bit of flying done though, by those that were there. The power guys, some practicing for the upcoming ‘Nats’ and a heap of vintage and Radian flying going on in the morning. That was until just after 11am when the light Westerly breeze that was blowing, then quite quickly became a very strong wind (around 10 mph) and the air also became decidedly ‘lumpy’, but no change to the Easterly sea breeze we normally get either!! Even for the power warriors. Most just had a natter for a while and drifted away. Could have been a good days flying…. but for the wind!

And…. the field is looking almost normal again! (Panorama taken from the top of the Stopbank.)                                   (Note: Click on any image above to enlarge it.)