Membership Information  

Any prospective member is welcome to visit our Awatoto flying site to see what we are all about. The fields most popular day is Sunday however members can fly any day of the week with a few exceptions throughout the year.

The club has an Electric trainer model and dual control radio setup (Both Mode 1 & 2)  that can be used with it as well as the option of "buddying" with a radio you may have already purchased (Depends on brand/model).

You are welcome to have a few introductory flights before deciding on joining.

To join our club:

You need to Download the membership form (this can be done by clicking  HERE

Then contact our Secretary: Brett Robinson  Phone 06 8764605 or

The Secretary will take your details, process your application and advise you about the process.

Our financial year begins on the 1st of April. If you wish to join at different time of the year the cost will be calculated on a a full or 6 month portion for both the Club and the Model Flying NZ fees.

Once you are a member you get a key to access the gate to the Awatoto flying site. It is a condition of our agreement with the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (HBRC) to keep this gate locked at all times.

Main gate: You open it, you lock it. No exceptions

Field Gate/Shed: The gate to the pits & Shed must be closed & locked when unattended.

If you find yourself the first or last at the site your responsibilities are:-

If you are the First to Arrive:

• Turn electric fence off leaving door open

• Put out flight equipment:- Located in field shed on 2   wheeled cart

If  you are the only flyer on field, it is not necessary to put out the equipment.

However as numbers on the field increase, the implementation of the equipment above is required to ensure that we maintain our safety procedures

If  Last off the field:

• Clear field

• Lock field gate

• Check & lock Shed

• Turn electric fence on Close & lock


Key Your gate key MUST NEVER be loaned.

Rubbish Must be taken home with you.

Safety Requirements:

All powered planes should be restrained by the starting polls provided by the club, or a suitable restraining strop, when starting.

These poles are located in front of the pits.  If starting with a restraining strop, it should be done adjacent to the starting poles in front of the pits.

If you need to run your engine for an extended period of time please take your model to either end of the field to avoid excessive noise to fellow modellers.

The Club strongly recommends the use of an observer on the flight line at all times, especially Sunday mornings.

Members wishing to fly without an observer on the flightline must have the appropriate Wings Badge accreditation for the type of model being flown.

Members that are yet to achieve a Wings Badge accreditation, MUST have a suitably qualified wings badge holder with them on the flight line as observer/mentor.

Dogs must be tethered or on a leash and kept off the field.

This is to protect our models and the animals.

It is a requirement of our lease to occupy with the HBRC that

“No dogs are allowed to run loose”.               

Our field is also a SMOKEFREE Area.

Awatoto Field Rules